1. Trapping off my iPhone


  2. Are y’all ready for this new series?!, introducing @nkaibleu


  3. Another video released @superflyky- violets directed by myself via @equatorproductions go check it out!!


  4. What does justice mean again?


  5. "Evoke Emotion" 2nd series
    Model: @nykhor
    MUA: @themuzikalnote
    Designer: @deeserret
    Location man.: @kirk_d_nyc
    #fashion #nykhor #equatorproductions #highfashion #wearenilotic


  6. "Evoke Emotion" 2nd series
    Model: @nykhor
    MUA: @themuzikalnote
    Designer: @deeserret
    Location man.: @kirk_d_nyc
    #fashion #nykhor #equatorproductions #highfashion #wearenilotic


  7. CEO @anthonyprince_ made the @Nokia #LumiaMonents “Living Moments” commercial.

    #EquatorProductions #Work


  8. "Or Nah" SKye Mix by @justineskye with the help of @phonyppl @piff_greens

    Decided to shoot a vid after rehearsal today


  9. We GLO’D up or NAH?!


  10. Rehearsal wit the “Trap Princess” @justineskye

    Brace yourself


  11. GO SHAWTAY ITS YAH BIRTHDAY. @nykhor . Happy to be a friend and business partner, your an amazing person with a heart as giant as the moon. Keep up the great work. @themuzikalnote beautiful voice by the way - Yassssss lol


  12. In the stew @justineskye @phonyppl @piff_greens🔱🎥


  13. Bye Brooklyn


  14. Throwback with @anthonyprince_ directing @nkaibleu for @tonycollinsnyc - “take you home” video is on www.Equatorproductions.co


  15. "Hard Candy" - NeNe L.A. Shiro
    Director: Anthony Prince
    DP: Alice Millar
    Designer Nathaniel White
    Clothing line Nene L.A. Shiro designs
    Prop design: Nathaniel, darryl, vincent white
    Models: Nina Burns &Crystal Joshua
    MUA: Tuanelle golden girl
    music: oddisee - after thoughts & Trax music group “Faith heat & Beyond forever intro”

    See it here http://youtu.be/hCekRY2DQFs